Car Hire with Chauffeur in Salamanca 


The main business lines of our car hire with chauffeur (VTC) company based in Salamanca, Grupo Antonio Botón, are: car hire with chauffeur, taxi and transport services. Our Company has a long professional record and a wide experience and is specialized in a wide range of services related with this sector including the following: 

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Car Hire with Chauffeur (VTC)

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Taxi Services

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Pouch and Courier Services

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Carriage of Goods

We offer all our services in Salamanca, Béjar and La Hoya.

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The VTC services offered by Grupo Antonio Botón are always synonymous with:Guarantee, Quality, Reliability, Discretion, Exquisite Service and all this at the best price.

Taxi Services:

Address | Calle Hilanderas, 10
37700 BÉJAR (Salamanca

Phone No. | 923 100 112
Mobile | 619 167 614
E-mail |

Car Hire with Chauffeur Services (VTC):

Address | Calle Gonzalo Torrente Ballester, 1 bis, offices 4 and 5
37900 SANTA MARTA DE TORMES (Salamanca

Phone No. | 923 100 112
Mobile | 619 167 614
E-mail |

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